Workers' Compensation

Lawyers with Connor, Kimmet & Hafenstein have represented Workers' Compensation claimants since 1974.  We are always willing to talk to you and answer your questions about workers' compenstion and there is no fee for an initial client consultation.  If you retain our office to assist you, our fees are contingent in nature so that you do not owe any legal fees unless you are awarded a monetary award.  There are no fees for attending hearings or charges associated with opening a file.

At Connor, Kimmet & Hafenstein, Ken Hafenstein, Katie Kimmet, Karen Turano and Adam Berger work tirelessly to help injured workers receive the benefits they deserve after having sustained an injury at work.  These four attorneys are dedictated to working with you to make sure that all of your questions are answered and to make sure that you understand your claim and the workers' compensation process.  We believe that by working together and making sure that you understand what is happening with your claim, we will be able to help you obtain all the benefits available to you. 

Our attorneys are always willing to discuss your case with you personally and you are able to come in and talk with us "face-to-face" to go over your case by scheduling a appointment to ensure that we have the ability to give you all the time that you need to have your questions answered. 

In addition to our attorneys, our law firm employs a large staff of legal assistants to manage claims and process requests for benefits. We are strongly commited to aggressively prosecuting claims at the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, the Ohio Industrial Commission, and in court, if necessary, to obtain the best possible results for our clients.  Our single focus is upon helping our clients obtain any medical or compensation benefits to which he or she may be entitled. 

Ohio Workers' Compensation law is a no-fault system which was designed to provide injured workers with payment of medical bills and monetary benefits to help replace lost income while unable to work.  This concept is simple: if you are hurt at work you are entitled to benefits.  However, making sure that you receive all the benefits that you deserve can be complicated and we are here to provide the assistance you need.

The laws which establish the Ohio Workers' Compensation system are among the most complex bodies of law in the State. Judges, hearing officers and lawyers are constantly debating the meaning of certain provisions in Ohio's workers' compensation law. Further, the legislature changes certain aspects of the law during virtually every session, meaning that old interpretations must be changed to deal with the new law. Our attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and the experience to deal with these changes and to present each case in a manner consistent with current interpretations of the law.

Contact Ken Hafenstein, Katie Kimmet or Karen Turano at (614) 464-2025 for immediate assistance if you need help with a Workers' Compensation claim.